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Ecoths, pronounced, "Ecos" Ecoths is the harmonious blend of Eco and Ethos, two words that are the epicenter of the brand. The foundation of Ecoths is combining natural fabrics with style, comfort, and personality while accentuating and shaping one's character and guiding beliefs and ideals towards community and creating a better place to live.

Ecoths uses primarily organic fibers and unparalleled with its unique styling details and approach to creating a brand with a true SOUL. Our desire with Ecoths is to combine urban fashion elements with rugged outdoor influence to create one cohesive brand that unites style, community, and goodness. For every Ecoths garment purchased in the Canada, three meals will be provided to someone in need through regional food banks or shelters. Ecoths mission is simple - bring together the triple bottom line of People, Planet, and Product.

Be the change that you want to be, be the change the world needs, A planet for tomorrow is something that we live for today!

Join Ecoths in our journey to find the balance between business and goodness.


WESTERN CANADA: Richardson Sales
Bob and Lorraine Richardson
#268 1951 Glen Drive
Vancouver, BC, V6A 4J6
P 604-542-1150
F 604-542-1169

Sally Adams

160 Tycos Drive, Suite 210
Toronto, ON, M6B 1W8
P 416-504-5558
F 866-568-5950

Maritimes:  Urbanbutter 
Dwayne Schofield 
120 Thorne Avenue  Dartmouth, NS
B3B 1Z2   
P: 902-680-1113  
F: 902-334-0217


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